Forgetting the Burn

You know, it’s easy to forget a lot of things about running. This weekend, I did the Navy Air Force Half Marathon again because I can roll out of bed, walk to the start 5 minutes before the race starts, and then saunter back home and promptly pass out. I’m surprised this race hasn’t taken … Continue reading

Once Upon a Time… I could run.

You know how there’s that myth that if you go like a year or something without sex you become a virgin again? Well, I’m 99.9% certain that that’s a load of crap but I’ll tell you this: you go 2 months without running a lot and you become like a person who’s never run before. … Continue reading

I’m Back (Kinda)

I’ve been dead and buried for a few months and now I’m clawing my way back to the surface and I’m hungry for brains. Not really but you get the idea. It was really nice not training for a marathon this summer. I enjoyed unplugging from a lot of things, like this little blog here. … Continue reading

Gracious Losing

I may never be able to teach you how to be a gracious winner, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last 30 years of living it’s how to be a gracious loser–fake it til you make it, people. Don’t throw/kick/punch anything or anyone. This one’s a dead giveaway. Assaulting stuff is also … Continue reading

The Sound of Silence

I kinda haven’t been running at all, really. The last week or so has consisted of doing something I haven’t done in a long time: binge reading. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Red Queen, and Haunting of Hill House. Growing up, I was 100% the kid who … Continue reading

Adult Conversations

There’s nothing nicer than that moment when you get excited for summer and start thinking about all those fun summer adventures you could go on, kind of like Now and Then or something. And then you remember that what summer actually means for you now that you work full time is that you’ll be the … Continue reading

Superhero Half Marathon 2016

The Superhero half was my first ever half marathon and at the time, I loved it. I dressed up as Sailor Moon after spending a lot of time on my costume and there were a lot of other people out wearing costumes. I have really good memories of it, so every year when they did … Continue reading

WTF Friday: The Weather Edition

This was the forecast on Wednesday. There has been no sun, no joy, no fun for what has been about a week. The sun came out briefly on Monday, and I thought at that point the dark, dank, greyness had receded and finally gone away. By the time I got across town on Monday, the … Continue reading

From the Cox Box

The difference between coxing a men’s and a women’s boat? Women’s boat scenario Me: “Ok, how’s it feeling?” Stroke seat: “Oh my god, ok, so there’s rush, and people are throwing their bodies, starboards I don’t even know where their hands are, and they’re not using any pressure, and were you the rudder for the … Continue reading

The downside to down sizing

By now I’m sure everyone’s heard of the study regarding contestants on the Biggest Loser. [As an aside, I found it interesting that they looked at these former contestants who drastically cut their caloric intake and drastically increased their exercise–I’d actually be interested to see the changes in their bodies compared to people who suffer … Continue reading