Guilt and Loathing.

Picture it: A lone runner on a long stretch of unshaded roadway around 1:00pm and the current temperature (without taking into account humidity) hovering around 90.

That lone runner was so totally not me. I was in an air conditioned car driving to a Chinese restaurant for Dim Sum happy hour. But my lack of running (and by extension I reasoned my lack of dedication and physical fitness) really bothered me. Since mid-June I’d been running the minimum mileage for the Disneyland Half doing 8, 9, 11 mile runs either on the dreaded treadmill or on the one random day it was cloudy and not hot as hell (last weekend was 11 miles in just over 2 hours) and then doing some yoga, pilates, and a lot of walking. The heat combined with an unexpected move and a new work schedule to throw off my running schedule for late June and all of July.

Then there are those people. “I had such a terrible run! It was a 20 mile run and it was sooo hot and humid, 90% humidity and 600 degrees and I was so sluggish! A 5 minute mile!” I feel like total crap when I hear those people. This morning’s run, started at 7am, had 90% humidity/73 degree/sunny weather conditions and I got through 4 miles in about 6 hours.

But as fall approaches I can say this with certainty: I may be slow, I may not have the fitness level for running in hot, humid weather that other people have, but I lasted through the summer. Through a move out of state, increased work hours, a massive heat wave, hip pain, and a drastically changed work schedule. I stuck with it. It’s becoming more of a habit than a chore and running has helped me acknowledge and appreciate the little, personal victories.

At the end of this month, I’m celebrating my 8 month running anniversary with the Disneyland half marathon and I couldn’t be more excited.

I couldn’t be more excited.


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