runDisney News


The duck that laid the golden medal.

The New Donald Medal is here! Okay, to be perfectly honest I think runDisney is fudging it a bit when they say this is “new.” It bears a striking resemblance, albeit with a different color scheme, to the medal from last year. I could see Donald getting a little ticked off. It’s still cute, even if the eye kind of bothers me for some inexplicable reason.

In further runDisney news, the Great Medal caper is still underway and they have yet to unveil the new Mickey medal. Now, I signed up for the marathon in large part  because it was the 20th anniversary and so help me god I wanted to know what was at mile 20 for this spectacular. At least by mile 20, if I’m disappointed I can say well only 6 miles to go. If I know what the medal looks like now and I don’t like it, I still have months of training and long runs I have to get through. That’s right. Months. and Miles. And they sure as hell will not be all magical.

So here’s to hoping Disney pulls through for me, because I’m going to need as much help as I can get. And did I mention?! LESS THAN 3 WEEKS TIL I LEAVE FOR DISNEYLAND!!!!


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