3 weeks and counting.

45 minutes til Shark Week on Discovery.

Less than 3 weeks til Disneyland.

Countdowns are in high gear at my home. I’m pretty excited for Disneyland. It’ll be my first trip to Southern California (shark week will kill my previous desire to take a surfing lesson) and naturally my first trip to Disneyland. Planning is in high gear despite yesterday’s debacle long run. Since June I’ve done an 11 miler, 8 miler, 9.5 miler, and yesterday had my heart set on a 12 miler. Runkeeper told me I reached 12 miles. Runkeeper LIED. From what I can piece together from the mile times and a google map, I actually did about 9. It felt good, though, and I finished not feeling sick, dizzy, or with any hip pain. I did make a decision, though, and today went out armed with coupons, a customer discount card, as well as my cunning and wits (student discount?? Pleeeease??) and got a Garmin Forerunner 210 for under $150. With tax. Hopefully this will not screw me like Runkeeper and Endomondo have. I’ll let you know when I take it for a test run tomorrow.

In more important Disney news, the costume is half ready. I’m going as the Ballerina/tight-rope walker from the haunted mansion stretching portrait room.


Debating the parasol.

I finished the skirt, the leotard came in the mail on Friday, and I’m putting the finishing touches on the underskirt-pants. What’s mostly left are to figure out attaching the sleeves so they don’t chafe and deciding whether or not to include the parasol and high collar, which I think it might be too hot for but I could fashion a detachable one… I hand painted similar looking flowers onto the fabric for the skirt and surprise! they glow in the dark! Pictures will be forthcoming. I’m really bummed the Haunted Mansion won’t be open when I’m there (it’s one of my favorites) but oh well. I’ve been playing the music from Soarin’ to get me ready.


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