Corruptable Mortal State.

Timing: Best mile: 10:16.5 Slowest mile: 12:26. Avg moving pace: 10:58 I’m on my way to becoming a 10 minute miler!!

Cue Dame Judy Dench: Since the dawn of time we’ve been inventing the future one step at a time… Let’s travel back in time together and I’ll show you how I got to my current technology. The guys with the spears trying to kill that giant hairy elephant? That would be my first run, when I used my 2004 flip phone to figure out if I was running 2 minutes and walking 1. This worked for a day. Then there was the timer on the iPod. Then there was the interval app for the iPod, which was free and called “interval timer.” Now I didn’t know C25K had one so that’s why I never used it. In March I got an iPhone (great for everything except making phone calls) so I was like the people in the science lab towards the end… or maybe the movie theater? Either way, I had grown leaps and bounds-the Pedometer Ultimate told me how many miles I was doing. I then opted for Endomondo and Runkeeper but it turns out your iPhone is not great for judging distances you run. Then I got to that tunnel that’s all numbers and my Garmin Forerunner 210.

I love it. I can adjust my pace and let’s be honest, it’s a lot easier and less time consuming than futzing around with the touch screen on the iPhone. I ran, I think, better than I have in awhile (no doubt due in part to the 81 degree weather and 50% humidity) but it felt like a good workout. I still take my phone out with me to listen to music and you know, god forbid in case of an emergency (I’m still waiting for this little number) but it worked well. And I re-learned that you can never underestimate what you wear. I was set to go another 4 miles, but I foolishly put on my no nonsense supermarket socks (no really, they’re called no nonsense) and I proceeded to bleed from my ankle onto my sneakers and developed a really weird blister on the bottom of my foot. It’s back to my injinji socks!

And on the topic of running attire, here is the costume as it is stands. What’s definitely left are the parasol, sleeves, the collar (which will be removable so depending on the temperatures it might come for the ride, it might not), the trim along the bust line, and a few surprise details. (wow, that’s a lot…) There are also underskirt pants to go along with it, as well, which includes a pockets for my camera, phone, and a snack.


A corruptable moral state for the costume.

peek-a-boo! it’s a pocket!

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