Embarrassing Moments in Running

When I first arrived in DC back in June, I headed out for my first run in the capital and opted for (what else) a 6 miler around the national mall. It was hot and humid but I had Abraham Lincoln (and a high number of exceptionally good looking male runners) to keep me going. Afterwards, when I walked back to my place I stopped to pick up dinner and could see people pointing at me. I thought they were just awed by the idea of a super hero themed 1/2 marathon with a shirt that looked like superman or I was just being paranoid like my mother always said and people weren’t really talking about me.

As it turns out, I wasn’t the only thing that had run. The week before I dyed my hair red and it bled all over the back of my white shirt. It looked as though someone had stabbed me in the neck. When a girl I worked with who lived across the hall saw me her mouth dropped and she said, “oh my god, I think your hair needs a tampon or something!” Turns out it had also leaked all over my face and my shoulders, too, I just hadn’t noticed it.

Needless to say, I will not be using that dye again anytime soon. When I called the salon to tell them about this little problem the hairstylist said, “Oh, yeah, I’ve heard that…” I’ve switched back to my Garnier R3 from Target that works much more nicely. Now I run, not my color.


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