Is this haunted costume ACTUALLY changing?

Well, today I bit the bullet and did the sleeves. There are three things I hate sewing: sleeves, gathering, and zippers. 2 out of 3 I did today. The sleeves in the picture are uber puffy with large bows. To make these a little more running friendly, they’re actually two separate sleeves–underneath the puffy sleeve is a fitted, spandex sleeve, kind of like the shorts underneath the skirt.

Ballerina pose

They’re one layer of eyelet on top and a solid broadcloth on the bottom.

Le sleeve c’est chic.

The bows are sewn together and then hot glued onto the sleeve. Once you figure out how to sew a bow to make it look perfect every time (the secret: three pieces!) it takes no time at all to do. To get it that crisp on the top half? Interfacing!

Last but not least: a little surprise courtesy of the target $1 bin:

That alligator got me.

In the spirit of Disney, I tried to come up with a story–The girl from the portrait is running because the alligator she was tight rope walking over bit her butt. I was trying to find something that looked a little more alligator and a little less like the chameleon from Tangled (plus I found myself wondering if Beanie Babies were still around), but this was cheap, easy, the tag said alligator, and it was small and light enough that I won’t notice it when I’m running.

All together, so far the whole costume cost about $40 plus. The biggest expenses were the leotard (Natalie cap sleeve leotard with mesh yoke $24.95 from The downside: my purple Lululemon sports bra is totally going to show through the mesh) and the fringe at the bottom (from the Tinkerbell trim collection at Joann’s, $5.99/yard but $3.00 with my 50% off coupon). All the fabric and paint was purchased with coupons from Joann’s, too. There are still a few finishing touches with the bust line, removable collar, and parasol but these require another trip to Joann’s to reconsider my trim options.

I always wanted to dress up as her and now I’m finally realizing my dream!


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