Long Run Lessons or Oh God Is It Over Yet?

As the Disneyland half countdown gets into the single digits, I did my last “long” run today. The weather was perfect–high 70s, very low humidity, and some scattered clouds but by the time I went out the sun was already setting, and I had mapped out my run ahead of time so I would know I did the right number of miles.

Well, there are two things I learn every time I do a really long run: First, there are just too many god forsaken hills. Second, the tail end of the run will always be up hill regardless of whether or not there is actually any kind of incline. It’s true, I could’ve really been going downhill but even that felt like an uphill battle when my legs felt like cement and I think I broke my butt somewhere around mile 10.  Also, I learned that even if your mother is chasing you down the street screaming drink this water or you’ll die, it’s never a good idea to chug 16 oz of water at once and continue on for four more miles. That’s when everything started going up hill if you will.

I do discover other things, though. Like that the runs do actually get easier relatively speaking. This one was painful, but not nearly as bad as the 12.5 miles I did just before my last 1/2 marathon. I beat my 1/2 marathon time by a few minutes, which means I can do it in a race, too.

After a long (or short) run, nothing tastes better than a frozen thin mint. It’s crispy, refreshing and delicious. It’s a miracle the Girl Scouts aren’t in jail for peddling that crack with the false advertising, “thin” is grossly misleading.



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