Body Movin’

Music is an integral part of my long runs. Short runs. In-between runs. I know some people abhor the idea of listening to music (“but I love the sound of my feet rhythmically carrying me long distances!”) and others who will put on their headphones despite their inability to hear oncoming traffic and the obvious health and safety risks this behavior poses, and I’m not even talking about those blatant idiots who wear the noise canceling headphones.

I’m kind of in between. The way I run, there’s not really a rhythmic sound to my runs, but at the same time I refuse to wear headphones because they are both impractical and unsafe. I convert my iPhone into a boombox and before you give me a dirty look I never did it while running in an area where I passed other people and my taste in music is so impeccable that those people probably wish I had played music. Word.

So what do I listen to, you want to know. Some people say they listen to catchy, terrible pop music when they work out but swear that this is not what they normally listen to and enjoy. I make no such statement, I like the Spice Girls no matter what my activity is. A sample of my good taste:

Sabotage by the Beastie Boys. I just have to constantly fight the urge to jump over people’s cars and wear a fake mustache. Other Beastie Boys favorites include Body Movin’ and Intergalactic.

Jump Jive an’ Wail by Brian Setzer. Because when Brian says jump, I do it.

Unbelievable by EMF. Because when I run, I am unbelievable.

Groove is in the Heart by Dee-lite. Don’t even try to deny that you don’t love this song because everyone loves it. I just had a 5 minute lapse because I was deeply digging my groove.

Wait—did I stop listening to music in the early 2000s?


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