This day is turning out OK

So I started off this morning hot gluing my finger instead of the fabric. I started shaking my finger but guess what? Glue kind of sticks to stuff. Like your skin. This isn’t the first time I’ve burned myself in the process of crafting one of my works of art. Typically, I hot glue things onto the leotard while I wearing it so it sits right and the leotard stretches correctly.

The day has picked up, though. Just before Days of Our Lives went on, I got a phone call–guess who’s gainfully employed? That’s right, me! The downside is that this might infringe on my Disney World trips in the fall, the upside is that I’ll actually be able to afford to go! Then Days went on and (spoiler alert) Stefano is still alive!

I should have known that my mother’s first comment would be, “So does this mean we don’t have to go to Disneyland??” What better place to celebrate that I’m employed than Disneyland?!


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