A Treatise on Tulle

I always see people running in tutus so I decided to try and fashion one myself inspired by Cinderella since those were the only colors I could get at Joann’s this week. I had a coupon, I had free time, so why not? Now, for those of you who are thinking about getting down and getting crafty, here are my tips for tulle:

1. Think about how much you need. Double it. Then triple that and you’ll probably have about 1/2 of what you need. Tulle is really sheer and really thin, so if you want to make it more opaque you’re going to have to use a lot of it.

2. Don’t sew it. You might be tempted, but sewing tulle is an even bigger pain in the butt than sewing spandex. You can get away with not sewing tulle because it doesn’t fray like other kinds of fabric and there are tons of youtube videos that illustrate how to make a no sew tutu.

3. Get the details in and you’ll have one authentic looking tulle skirt ready for your next race!
This little beauty… I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet. Free to a good home? Try and sell it on Etsy?

Where’s the pumpkin?


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