Quattro to go!

It’s here. It’s seriously here. Tomorrow morning I go to the mother ship, the place where all the magic started and where Disney himself walked the same ground I will. Somewhere out there, pigs are flying and hell has frozen over because I am going to Disney to run 13.1 miles and I couldn’t be more excited about anything. No, seriously, my enthusiasm is making everyone around me nauseous and I come across as someone hopped up on cocaine.

But I can’t help it!! Friday to hold me over until the expo opens I made a reservation for a late character breakfast at the Grand Californian Storyteller’s Cafe and then will walk over to the expo. My father surprised me with a digital camera under the condition that “you get lots of pictures of your mother with the characters. If they’re embarrassing and really funny, there may be a bonus in it for you.” On my list of must-dine places: Cafe Orleans for Mickey beignets, Blue Bayou Sunday night for a celebratory post-race dinner, and Flo’s V8 for the ugly pies. The must ride list includes Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride because honestly, I’ve been dying to ride that again since I was 8 years old. In theory, Saturday is a rest day but screw that I’m only in Disneyland once!

Well everyone, I will see you all on Tuesday when I’m back from the race! And then we seriously start talking marathon.



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