Posted in September 2012

Cut. It. Out.

I hate to disappoint you all, but this post is not about uncle Joey from Full House who made the phrase and hand gestures “cut it out” famous. Rather, it is about a darker, much more sinister topic: nastiness. Now I have related conquering my phobia of running amongst the high schoolers but unfortunately the … Continue reading

Three Weeks

So I’ve completed three weeks of marathon training and haven’t missed a run yet, this could be because the weekly mileage is still pretty low (3-4 miles 3x a week plus a 10, 9, and 7 mile long run) but I prefer to think of it as a testament to my dedication to successfully dragging … Continue reading

Did I forget to mention?

I leave for Disney World today! I don’t usually forget about such things, in fact obsessing over a trip to Disney World has pretty much become one of my favorite hobbies, but alas I’ve just been innundated with so many things that this trip, and my Wine and Dine trip in November, have been completely … Continue reading

Eat Me: Fall Flavors

Fall is upon us which means changing up the flavor palette a little bit up. Pumpkin pie spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, clover, ginger) make an increased appearance in my quest to do everything as fall-y as possible. Looking for something seasonal? How about adding some cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger to your pancakes, dicing up some apples … Continue reading

When Good Bras Go Bad

If you come back from a run and the water in the shower prompts you to scream out in agonizing pain because you feel like someone is burning you, you probably have a chafing problem. Ask any lady and right behind her sneakers the most important item she wears on her run is her sports … Continue reading

Blinded by the (lack) of light

I read in Kara Goucher’s Running for Women: From First Steps to Marathons that it can be really fun to run in the dark and you should try it sometime because you feel like you’re running faster. Kara Goucher is insane. The darkness is falling ever faster now that fall is here and while I … Continue reading

Breaking News

Just got back from today’s 3 mile run: 29:07:58. That’s right, we’re officially well under 30 minutes for three miles. I can’t even keep up with myself I’m so fast.

Is 3 the Magic Number

You run, you strength train, but what do you do to maintain the most important muscle in your body? And if you didn’t realize that I meant the brain you’re obviously not doing enough. But how do you give your brain a work out when you spend all those miles on the road? The only … Continue reading

Sew Frustrating

I had one of those moments this weekend: deciding whether to hold ’em or to fold ’em. Sewing is one of those things I really want to be good at but I’m generally speaking not so good at it. It’s like running: I know people who are amazing and do great work and I know … Continue reading