Part IV: Clear for Take Off

We had lunch/dinner at the La Brea Bakery in Downtown Diseny which gives out a 10% discount for Disney visa card holders. The food was delicious, I greatly enjoyed my BLT, the Caesar salad and my mother appeared to enjoy her pizza and my french fries.

Life got boring, we went back to the room and then 4:00pm rolled around and it was time: I was going to a park so help me god and California Adventure it was. Looking back, I had all these plans to go on all these rides and I ended up not going on most of them but I did like California Adventure. It’s small-ish and nice looking. The upside to my mother’s unwillingness to ride anything (except for It’s A Small World and Ariel’s Under the Sea Adventure) was that I got a lot of single rider lines, which meant no wait on Soarin’ and a short-ish 30 minute wait for Radiator Springs Racers (the West Coast version of Test Track). Loved Cars Land, it’s really cute and retro and the neon lights are gorgeous!

Flo’s V8 was gorgeous, I was totally smitten with it when I saw it and they NEED to bring this place to Hollywood Studios. Now. I keep meaning to get my sister one of the traffic cone cups but my mother balked at the idea of having to walk around with one of those so I never ended up getting one. After Cars Land we headed into Paradise Pier and I went on a bunch of random rides like Ariel’s Under the Sea Adventure, Silly Swings (which I loved but felt bad for the woman who started yelling out, “I hate the outside swing!!”) and the Golden Zephyr. It was a beautiful night and the full moon over Radiator Springs and Paradise Pier was gorgeous.

So after a little while I got antsy and wanted to go into Disneyland. The one thing I wasn’t coming away from California and not riding was Pirates of the Caribbean but after about 20 minutes in Disneyland I realized this was futile. The place was blacked out for the fireworks, it was kind of hard to walk anyway, and the line for Pirates was waaay too long so I packed up my mother and we called it a night.


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