Tale of Toenails

Once upon a time, a girl decided she was going to start running. The hurdle that had stopped her so many times was footwear: Chuck Taylor converse were not conducive to rigorous exercise (which left her wondering how Chuck Taylor did it) and she was unwilling to buy sneakers. One fateful day, though, the girl bit the bullet and purchased a pair of sneakers at Target for $16! After her first 5k and coincidentally her first 6 mile run the night before (lesson learned), she heeded the advice of all the running anything and went to a running store to get her first pair of real runner sneakers.

They measured her feet, put her on a treadmill and told her she had wide feed and pronated like nobody’s business. They were ugly, old lady orthodic looking sneakers but she said to herself, “I’m a runner! The looks aren’t important!” But they killed her feet so back she went citing poorly stitched seams so they would take them back and got another pair, a saucony hurricane. Now, the salesgirl said she needed a wide shoe. She said she gave her a wide shoe. After many miles, and three months later, the girl suffered from really bad blisters and guess what? Her toenails were terribly, terribly bruised and blackened.

She brought them to the store and said she wanted to try another wide pair a 1/2 size larger. Imagine her shock when another salesperson said, “Oh, we don’t carry wide sizes.” Wait, what? “We could order them for you.” Home she hobbled to check her box–surprise! not a wide! The expletives flowed from her mouth like vomit from a drunk. She was losing toenails because her shoes were incorrectly sized!

If you haven’t guess by now, I am that girl and since June I have had fewer than 10 toenails. For anyone on the precipice of loosing toenails or who sees bruising, re-evaluate your shoes. Get a second opinion. I haven’t purchased a thing at the Princeton Running Company of Princeton, NJ since they damaged my feet and I will never go back. I went to Roadrunner sports and got my current beauties, Saucony Powergrid size 10 WIDE and no more toenail damage. People, don’t suffer in silence. Your feet shouldn’t be bruising! I’m proud to say that three months later, I’ve got about 9.5 toenails and it doesn’t look like anyone else is vacating the foot.


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