A Reason to Go Out and Run

Yesterday I drove down to DC with my mother and my aunt to find an apartment. We started out in Adams Morgan, did a quick drive through of Glover Park, and ended up in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood around George Washington University, which is where my new apartment is! The first piece of artwork will be my complimentary poster from the Disneyland 1/2, of course, and my runDisney 26.2 in training magnet will be prominently displayed on my refrigerator.

For those of you who have not been to our nation’s capital, let me tell you that it’s a very runner-friendly place. Rock Creek Park, the canal in Georgetown, the Mall, the tidal basin, all of these areas offer miles of (scenic) running and lots of people take advantage. And let me assure you, the sun setting over the Potomac or the Lincoln Memorial is not the most breathtaking view. My aunt took one look at the large number of runners and said, “Go get your sneakers on and I’ll tell your cousin to do the same! Look at all these great looking guys running around here!” Yup, hot male runners are as abundant in DC as politicians and government bureaucrats.

I started running on rural roads that weren’t necessarily paved. People stopped to ask me directions to a major road and I’d tell them, “Okay, you don’t want to go this way because it’s a little Deliverance-like back there…” So when I first ran in DC it was really my first time running, you know, publicly outside a race. But nothing, and I mean nothing, improves a girl’s form and pace like the really good looking guy who is passing her (they’re always passing me, whatever, they look good coming and going). While the return of cooler temperatures is certainly welcome, it also means the shirts will go back on which is kind of a bummer but after yesterday’s jaunt I couldn’t wait to get on my sneakers and get back to running.

Now, if only my legs felt the same way through all 10 miles today. On a side note, I’ve added information (found in the top bar on the right) about Disney hotels and runDisney events. It’ll get filled out more, but if you’re thinking about signing up and thinking about where to stay, perhaps it will help you with some early planning stages…


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