Marathon Monday

It’s here. The first official day of my marathon season. Running twice during the week for just 30 minutes didn’t quite seem Kosher for me, so I moved off the Galloway plan and onto the Higdon, which starts this week. I put up my marathon training calendar (typed out in Waltograph font, of course) with my 26.2 in training magnet. It was somewhat anti-climactic since I didn’t need to actually do any running today, but there was a ceremonial hoisting of the calendar, a few words were said, and I started playing “When I See an Elephant Fly,” because that seemed more likely than my training for a marathon but whoa is that song full of really problematic themes and overtones. Holy racial problems, Batman. Like whoa. So I switched to When you wish upon a star which was much more innocuous and kept me focused on this momentous occasion. Disney should really play that at the finish line.

I didn’t mention this, but at the Disneyland 1/2 Expo I got to see the Medal in person. You know how I said it was amazing that the medal needed a video to showcase it? Well, my friends, the video doesn’t do it justice. That thing is like a brick it’s so heavy. I think I might need a lighter weight duplicate to wear around the parks. No, really. I took pictures and through Snapfish got 8×10 prints to put on the fridge when I move into my new place, a reminder that I am indeed working towards something as I haul my butt out of bed and into the ever chilling outdoors for a 20 mile run.

Don’t stop believing, friends.


I didn’t forget my 1/2 marathoners.


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