Friday Flashback: You Snooze, You Lose.

I run alone for a variety of reasons, but for the occasional 5 or 10k my sister will join me. This past June, my sister decided on a whim to join me for the Princeton Healthcare 10k (which actually came up short on the 6.2 miles). I haven’t mentioned her as a training buddy because she doesn’t train. She hates to run and prefers gym spin classes and physique 57 any day.

Now some people might agree to run a race with someone and then they stick it out and cover that whole distance with the other person. I started this race out that way–I thought this would be like her gateway drug and before you knew it we’d be coordinating costumes for Disney races because the only person who likes Disney more than I do is her. 1/2 a mile in, she was walking leisurely and I was getting annoyed.

I’m not proud to say this, but I dumped her. Yup. I left her behind and finished about 20 minutes before she did. When we got in the car, she called my mother saying I had abandoned her on the road, all by herself without anyone around and then handed me the phone. I admitted that I had indeed abandoned her, stated that she wasn’t keeping up with me, and I didn’t run all those weekly miles to go to a race and walk the whole way. My mother then told my sister, “well, you snooze, you lose.” I feel no guilt or shame about doing this.

On Saturday, we’re running the Fitness 4 miler in Central Park. My sister heard there were gift bags and free samples, so she asked if I was interested and given that it wasn’t too expensive when we signed up I agreed. But once again, I will not hesitate to dump her and run for it because these sneakers were made for running and that’s just what they’ll do. And like mom said, you snooze, you lose.


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