The Words You’re Looking For Are EXCUSE ME.

This Saturday I completed my first ever 4 mile race. Not quite a 5k, not a 10k, but a 4 miler. I don’t know what New York Road Runners and Fitness magazine were thinking when they decided on 4 miles, but whatever I signed up so I guess it worked. My sister lives in the city, so I took the train in Friday to have dinner and spend the night with her so we could walk over to Central Park in the morning.

Before I went up town, I headed to the annual Paragon Sports Warehouse sale. It was a madhouse, you could get men’s sneakers in sizes 14 and 15 for $9.99, buy three pairs of shoes get a 4th free… People had shopping baskets FILLED with sneakers. Understandable, especially since running sneakers can be incredibly expensive. There weren’t many of these pairs left lying around though, I suspect all of them had been snatched up early and this is not the kind of footwear you can just “fudge” your size a little bit like you do with normal shoes when they go on sale. My feet know the difference between a 9 and a 9.5 after 4 miles.

All sales final and the store is not liable if you’re assaulted for a pair of deeply discounted Asics.

Asics long sleeve, super soft zip up shirt complete with thumb holes! THUMB HOLES.

Yeah, you read that right.

And you read that right, too.

All told, these sticker prices didn’t include the additional 50% off and the fact that the shirt didn’t ring up right so the guy just let me have it for $10. I have to say, though, one summer in DC and I became accustomed to certain types of behavior, especially from men. Like, not letting go of the door so it doesn’t slam in my face. Not body slamming me as you try to squeeze through a narrow aisle. I would definitely not pay full price for any of the stuff I purchased, but at the deeply discounted rate I’m ready to get ready for winter. Gotta be comfortable when that 20 mile run rolls around.