Motivation to Move

How do you get yourself to run faster? There’s always that talk of tempo runs and speed work, but like in Talladega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby, sometimes you just need to get in a car with a cougar to get your butt in gear. Yes, it’s reckless and irresponsible but at the end you can say, “I drove in a car with a COUGAR.”

Today, I did just that. There were predictions of stormy weather, but I didn’t get around to my run ’til the late afternoon. Sure, there were dark, ominous looking clouds, strong winds, falling tree branches and tornado warnings, but was I going to let something like that keep me indoors? Hell no. I laced up my sneakers to do my scheduled 3 mile run and I went out and realized nothing makes you move faster than the threat of inclement weather and guess who knocked out her 3 miles in 30 minutes and 12 seconds with stomach cramps? Oh yeah, I did. It was, retrospectively, probably kind of irresponsible and I wouldn’t recommend that people go out and run when there’s inclement weather (I still think those people running in the snow are crazy) but it does make you move.

BUT, I will say that I learned a valuable lesson from my hot summer running: of all the times I debated going out to run and decided to run, I have never once regretted choosing to run. I have regretted not going. So when I finished my run, showered, and settled down on the couch for an inclement weather Supernatural marathon, I could do so secure in the knowledge that I put my motivational sticker on today’s slot of the training calendar.

It’s the gospel truth.
From: HeyRunnerGirl

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