The Value of Money

Okay, so I will be the first to admit this: I am cost conscious. Who among us is not? I mean, I don’t live in a universe where money grows on trees and is available in abundant supply, yo. I’m not getting on extreme couponing anytime soon–I don’t buy ketchup in bulk when I don’t even like ketchup but I’m getting it for free so who cares–but I love a good deal. Things I don’t pay full price for include:

Disney hotels. Rack rates are for suckers–wait til there’s a room only discount, a AAA discount, or an annual pass discount.

Anything at Joann’s. If it’s not 50% off, I’m not buying it. I use my 50% off one regular price item coupons that I get through three different email addresses, plus the mobile coupons. If you’re paying full price, you’re paying too much. This week is coupon commotion and I did have an extreme couponing moment.

Books/music/movies. God invented libraries and Amazon for a reason, and it was so you didn’t have to the publisher’s price for books if you pay anything at all. How many times can you re-read a murder mystery anyway?

Running shoes. This is the most important (and most expensive) footwear I own, but guess what, I don’t pay retail for them. Through sales, sites like Holabird sports, and my VIP membership to Roadrunner, I never pay full price. And even with my membership to Roadrunner sports, I still get a bigger discount by waiting for their 20% off coupons and sales plus when I go in the store I beg for their nonexistent/unpublicized student discount.

J.Crew. (or clothes in general) I don’t even pay the sale prices here. Between the extra 30% off sale items and my 15% student/teacher discount, I never pay retail. Ne-ver.

My rent. That’s right, I negotiated over $100 off my monthly rent when I signed the lease, in a city known for its tight housing market. And it’s running trail adjacent. Touchdown me.

So runners, let’s run away from retail prices and go run towards a good deal!


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