Cool Runnings

I’m not a heat person. I know there are people out there who think summer is the best thing ever and they would live in a green house all year if it meant warm, balmy temperatures but those are people who a) don’t have hair that frizzes, b) don’t understand how psychologically damaging humidity can be and c) are just plain crazy.

I love the cold. Well, okay, maybe that needs clarification. I lived in Minnesota for two years, which can get quite chilly. The problem with winters in Minnesota, and I lived there before I started running, is that they start in October with a first snow fall (when I was there in 2009 it was Columbus Day weekend and we had snow) and that snow stays until June. In fact, it was on the local news when the last of the snow melted in June from a pile of plowed snow in a Sears parking lot. I remember it being 15 degrees in February, right around the time of the big winter Loppet in Uptown, and hearing people say how unseasonably warm it was and how this disappointed them. I could still walk the 5 blocks to Chipotle and feel my thighs right up until I got home so I was pretty happy.

I’ll still take that over a really hot summer like this past one. People ask me how Minneapolis is in the winter and I always say, “well, you know, it can get down to -20 with the windchill, but after waiting 15 minutes for the bus you really don’t feel it.” And honestly, I’d rather have my heat on demand, preferably on a beach with a fruity beverage and not in a stinky, sweaty city where I sweating outside and freezing indoors. So I am really looking forward to winter running again and ending at Starbucks with a salted caramel hot chocolate, extra salty… and a cupcake. Oh, and macaroni and cheese.


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