Is 3 the Magic Number

You run, you strength train, but what do you do to maintain the most important muscle in your body? And if you didn’t realize that I meant the brain you’re obviously not doing enough. But how do you give your brain a work out when you spend all those miles on the road? The only thing that ever vaguely approached running on my list of frightening activities was math, and would you believe that that is exactly what I think about when I run?

Perhaps impossibly, I find myself doing math while I run. Fractions, multiplication and division tables… In fact, I’ve even started recalling old theorems from geometry class. That’s right, I’m thinking about sine, cosine, and tangent when I’m covering my weekly mileage, 90 degree angles, 180 degree angles… Obtuse, acute… Equilateral. It’s like I’m the mathemagician from the Phantom Tollbooth and I have no idea why I decided to combine my two least favorite activities in this way.

So the next time you’re out running around your neighborhood, stop thinking about how your shorts make you look fat, how that guy in the car just gave you the finger, how the hot weather is slowly frying you alive or the cold weather is making you into an icicle and just do the math. Add up your race costs and it’ll light a fire under your butt to keep up your training, that’s for sure.

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