Blinded by the (lack) of light

I read in Kara Goucher’s Running for Women: From First Steps to Marathons that it can be really fun to run in the dark and you should try it sometime because you feel like you’re running faster.

Kara Goucher is insane.

The darkness is falling ever faster now that fall is here and while I welcome the cooler temperatures, I’m a little concerned about how this will impact my running schedule. I was out for a short run when the sun started setting and before I knew it, it was really dark out. Forget the usual concerns about running in the dark–you know, getting mugged in a park or hit by a car–and instead just think about the logistics of this ill conceived endeavor.

First, the roads I currently run on do not have any lighting but they do have pot holes. And you can’t see pot holes in the dark. They’re bad for cars, they’re even worse for a girl trying to get her 3 miles in under 30 minutes. Trying to avoid pot holes is one thing, but try avoiding road kill on top of that. Dead snakes, squirrels, and even deer can be found on the sides of roads here and how can I avoid these things when I can’t see them? I don’t want to fall over Bambi’s carcass or step on Chip or Dale’s lifeless body. I once ran screaming into oncoming traffic when I saw a snake.

In short, runs in unlit areas at night are just disasters waiting to happen. Wait til you’re being trailed by an unsub from Criminal Minds before you venture out into the dark.


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