Did I forget to mention?

I leave for Disney World today! I don’t usually forget about such things, in fact obsessing over a trip to Disney World has pretty much become one of my favorite hobbies, but alas I’ve just been innundated with so many things that this trip, and my Wine and Dine trip in November, have been completely neglected. I’m going with my sister for three days to go to the Halloween party, stay at the Art of Animation Little Mermaid rooms, and peruse the Food & Wine festival.

Tweedle Duh.

Lest you think I slacked off in my costuming capacity, I did fashion us some TweedleDee and TweedleDum costumes. The shirts were $4 from Old Navy, the leggings $10 from Target, the blue fabric for the bows $2.50 from Joann’s for both bows, and the white fabric for the collars left over from the fabric I bought for my Disneyland costume’s skirt. If you’re thinking about doing it for a race, they’re a great option and I saw lots of people wearing the costume during the Disneyland 5k. To avoid sewing cut the collar and bow out of felt, then hot glue the collar onto your shirt and the bow to the collar. Use the shirt collar as your guide for creating the collar.

It wasn’t hard, it was just a huge pain in the butt when I had so much other stuff to do, including the creation of my Wine & Dine costume, which is almost ready to be unveiled, and I had to make two of them since my sister is craft challenged. I really enjoy the not-so-scary Halloween party, the decorations are great and last year I got to Big Thunder just before the parade came by… I rode 5 times without getting off the train! The only reason I got off was my sister got super annoyed and said, “okay, stop it! We’re getting off, now!” I could’ve gone 10 more times and we had a great view of the fireworks. And I love getting my picture taken with the hitch hiking ghosts from the Haunted Mansion and collecting candy. Good times.


One thought on “Did I forget to mention?

  1. I love your costume! It looks great! Have you ever tried dying a tech shirt? I’m thinking of doing a Megara costume for the marathon but I want to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath–but I can’t find anything skin colored (I’m not really surprised…but I thought the internet would have something!) Have so much fun on your trip! I love the Halloween party!

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