Posted in October 2012

Boo to You

After two days of treadmill running and an altercation in the gym, it was time to run outside despite the fact that by the time I got out of work and on my way it was pretty dark. The hurricane business completely overshadowed Halloween, my mother didn’t even realize it was Halloween when I called … Continue reading

Sandy… What a Bitch

Well, the storm has passed and everything’s more or less still intact, including my sanity. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the great state of New Jersey and damn New York got bitch slapped bad! Hopefully the winter will at least play out like year’s–the Northeast front loaded all their bad storms in October. … Continue reading


Halloween has me seriously thinking about running costumes. I don’t dress up for Halloween, since like middle school, but give me a race and I’m all gung ho to get dressed up for it. Yes, yes, I realized I have issues. The Wine and Dine is done, complete, and ready to wear two weeks from … Continue reading

The Gym Nazi

Reason 146 why I hate the gym. Hurricane Sandy has forced me indoors and I know I’ve completely lost my mind when I think that an unscheduled run on the treadmill sounds like a great idea. My building has one in the basement and since we still have power I decided what the hell and … Continue reading

I’m tired just clapping

This morning I woke up extra early to cheer on the participants in the Marine Corps Marathon. Okay, it wasn’t completely altruistic since the classic rock cover band started doing its sound check down the street at 7:30am so I had no choice but to get up. I stayed pretty much from the first wheelchair … Continue reading

Safety First

I know I always mention Criminal Minds as my guideline for the terrible things that could potentially happen (if you’ve never seen the show, do yourself and your sleep patterns a favor and never start) but safety is an important for us runners. There are crimes out there that are far worse than the typical … Continue reading

Falling Off the Wagon

Food and I have a love hate relationship. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been making a concerted effort to eat better and thus far it’s been paying off. I don’t over do it on the cookies, cupcakes or soda and keep the snacking pretty light and moderate but then at work there was … Continue reading

Underlying cruelty

I have previously publicized my disdain for the treadmill. All that running and you don’t go anywhere–there’s no breeze so I sweat like a pig. Actually, I don’t think pigs even sweat that much. I look like I just went swimming in a pool or I have some kind of glandular problem that requires surgery. … Continue reading

It’s Not Good Enough

For those of us in the recently reformed club, initially just getting outside and moving was enough. I can remember when just being under the Disney 16 minute per mile time was like some kind of insane god send. “Oh thank you god, I’ll never ask for anything ever again!” Hi God, it’s me, and … Continue reading