Lunch Box

Well, when you’re on a weight loss track you try and find food that’s relatively low in calories and easy to take with you for lunch. In theory, yogurt is the best thing ever. Those tiny containers are so portable! The flavors seem so tasty! So you take a Yoplait pumpkin pie yogurt with you for lunch because you don’t have to carry much and who doesn’t want pumpkin pie in October?!

Yeah, if you think this yogurt is really going to be like pumpkin pie I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. And if you didn’t get that, gullible is written on the ceiling. Well, I shouldn’t pass judgement since I did buy the yogurt in the hopes that it would indeed approximate my favorite fall time dessert. But, quelle surprise, it isn’t like pumpkin pie. It’s a hollow, empty, undelicious version that leaves you fleeing for the back up bag of kettle chips you packed and the welcome to the office chocolate bars your colleagues left in your office. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to pack for lunch. I hate to bring anything that can spill or stain, foods that are heavy or really smelly… Anything that could potentially cause an upset stomach… The list just goes on and on and I don’t eat dinner til 8 because I’ve got to run before I eat.

So here’s to hoping that Runner’s World recipe for oatmeal risotto actually turns out to be edible because that faux pumpkin pie just ain’t getting the job done.


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