Mostly in running, you’ll encounter days when you don’t want to get out there and slog through another 5 miles because you’re feeling tired, lethargic, and sluggish. The gym is so hot, the treadmill so boring, the outdoors so dark you can’t see anything and are convinced a mugger lays in wait behind every corner…

And then, albeit rarely, you get a day like today. Everything comes together, you have a great rhythm going and you knock 1.5 minutes off your last 1/2 marathon time. The 10 miles fly by in a blur as you run alongside the Potomac and just keep going. Every single mile I ran was within 5 seconds of 10:50, I had found my running zen.

After a long week of short runs in ever increasing darkness, I looked forward to the opportunity to do a run in the light, on a new trail, and people (and plane) watch. There’s something very motivational about running literally alongside a runway. If nothing else, I know I can get Reagan airport for the marathon by running there!


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