Reminding people of my accomplishment.

It’s not enough that I show up at work and social functions talking about running, and my 1/2 marathons, and my FULL marathon, my training schedule, my sore butt muscles, the way my sports bra chafes or the lack of manners on the part of cyclists when it comes to sharing the trail with runners.

No, now I want to send you a Christmas card with a picture of me crossing the finish line.

That’s right–I subject you to my endless ramblings about training, stretching, and toe nail loss but even during the holiday season I’ve got to reinforce it. In fact, the only thing better than doing this is sending you an actual picture of my foot when it was two toenails down, or maybe when they were still black but in the process of separating?

As they said in Newsies, And the world will know! And the Journal too! Now the world will hear what I’ve run! Some more! And the world will know that I did indeed run!


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