You’re Almost There!

I know some people take issue with spectators/volunteers yelling, “you’re almost there!” when you’re not almost there or just in general don’t like it. Listen, if you want to get up at the crack of dawn to cheer on a total stranger as they run around your city and clog up traffic you can yell whatever you want at me because it’s better than what I usually hear from motorists and fast moving bicyclists when I do my regular runs.

I yelled jokingly at people who were just getting to the starting line of the Army 10 Miler, “you’re almost there!” Some of them turned and gave me dirty looks (yes, I’m talking about you man covered in black spandex in the first wave) and some of them just appreciated the irony (thank you jovial people towards the back).

But really, when you think about it, at that point you are indeed almost there. Especially for people tackling a new distance, you’ve already put in days/weeks/months/years of preparation for this one moment. For a first time marathoner, think about this way: you didn’t just roll out of bed and say, “yeah, I think I’ll do a marathon today.” You’ve logged hundreds of miles and hours in the hot summer sun and cold winter winds running according to a training plane it took you a month to decide on, agonized over what to pack and wear on the big day. If it’s out of town, you planned the trip, bought the tickets, picked a hotel, spent an hour in line at the expo to get your number and t-shirt… All for this one moment, what amounts in the case of the WDW marathon to a mere 7 hours max.

So you know what people, you are indeed almost there whether you realize it or not when you show up to the start line. This is just the top of the mountain. And if you haven’t been putting in effort beforehand, you’ve got bigger problems than a spectator telling you you’re almost there at mile 10.


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