Underlying cruelty

I have previously publicized my disdain for the treadmill. All that running and you don’t go anywhere–there’s no breeze so I sweat like a pig. Actually, I don’t think pigs even sweat that much. I look like I just went swimming in a pool or I have some kind of glandular problem that requires surgery.

But the darkness is conspiring against me–I won’t run in the dark but I’ve got to do those longer midweek runs and since my job takes up all the daylight hours now it’s the treadmill or bust. But do you know what the underlying sadness is in this current situation? I sit in a room that HAS NO WINDOWS (unlike the Haunted Mansion room, though, it does have a door). I could be doing this at 10pm and it would feel exactly the same.

The even bigger underlying cruelty in this scenario is that during the summer, when I had an overabundance of daylight, it was too hot to go outside and all I wanted was for the sun to go away and take its hot unyielding merciless rays with it.

I can’t win.


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