Safety First

I know I always mention Criminal Minds as my guideline for the terrible things that could potentially happen (if you’ve never seen the show, do yourself and your sleep patterns a favor and never start) but safety is an important for us runners. There are crimes out there that are far worse than the typical crimes against fashion and common decency we often see on the trails. Daylight Savings Time is next Sunday which means after work (and even before work) there’s not going to be a lot of light to run by and let’s be honest people, you make think I’m crazy but crazy shit happens. Exhibit A  

If the Birds don’t get you out on the trail, there’s always the alternative: Sunday evening a woman was sexually assaulted on the Capitol Crescent trail at 6.5 mile marker. As the darkness falls, I vow to keep my night time running to organize runDisney events, within the confines of the World where the pixie dust gives the illusion of safety–like how when you can’t see the metal scaffolding on Space Mountain it doesn’t feel like as much of a death trap.

But listen, safety is like Bronson Pinochet: there’s nothing funny about it. Use common sense ladies and gentlemen (that’s right, no gendered division of safety here) and be safe because I don’t think any of this is a valid reason to get a refund on race registrations.


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