Halloween has me seriously thinking about running costumes. I don’t dress up for Halloween, since like middle school, but give me a race and I’m all gung ho to get dressed up for it. Yes, yes, I realized I have issues.

The Wine and Dine is done, complete, and ready to wear two weeks from now and I’ve decided that for the DC Jingle All the Way 8k, since I can’t use the race to boost my corral placement for the marathon (boo for not just being an 10K) I’m opting for the most traditional Christmas costume I can find: the lamp from the Christmas Story. Oh yes, I am. Nothing says happy holidays like dressing up as a giant lamp shade with fishnets, and where are legs more important and appreciated than in running?

But the marathon… now that is something that has me just a little bit worried. I think that I’ve become emotionally committed, though, to either Kermit the Frog or Mickey Mouse. I know, Kermit’s not a traditional Disney character despite the presence of Muppet Vision 3D, but I feel very strongly that he’s a) a character I LOVE and b) he’s really easy to pull off. I can really easily make a collar out of green felt and the costume itself can just be all green clothing… I’ve already told myself no going crazy on this one, nothing I can kill myself in, nothing that requires hours of sewing and crafting, and something easier to pack than a petticoat.

So many decisions!

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