Posted in November 2012

Day Off

Sometimes, running just takes over your life and eats up all your free time and you’re left thinking: Wow, I remember when I did something other than run, shower, sleep, and go to work. In fact, you start to look forward to days when you’ll have to stay so late at work that you won’t … Continue reading

Are my spidey sense tingling…

Are my spidey sense tingling? Has registration opened for the 2013 Superhero 1/2 Marathon in Morristown, NJ?! I’m really excited to do this race again–it was my first 1/2 marathon. I definitely needed to summon all my superhero powers to finish it (it’s a 6.5 mile loop through park and roads that you run twice … Continue reading

Have a Holly Jolly Run

Christmas is officially here, and by “officially” I mean FedEx delivered my aluminum silver tree today! This week’s 8 mile run left me cold and cranky, internally bitching about how tired I was and how I couldn’t move… That is, until I found out there was an oddly shaped, heavy package waiting for me! My … Continue reading

Thanks, Paul

At 5am your iPhone starts to bark. Rise and shine, Sunshine, because it’s time to get moving. Shuffling around you change into your running clothes (or at least what feels like your running clothes and since you haven’t had time to do laundry in the last week certainly smells like your running clothes). Your legs … Continue reading

Baby Steps

So despite having some continued discomfort I decided it was time to get back out there and do my runs like a big girl. And big girls don’t cry. In theory. Anyway, moving along… I hate running in the dark at night. It first of all makes me feel completely unsafe (thank you evening news) … Continue reading

The Hangover

You don’t manage to knock 18 minutes off your last 1/2 marathon without incurring the wrath of your body as it gives you a resounding “F%@k you, B^tch!” My colleague looked at me funny and I said, “Yeah, I know, I’m walking funny. I won’t be walking like a normal human being ’til February so … Continue reading

Wine & Dine Part III

After I made my epic journey across the finish line… I felt… sick to my stomach. You know how people say if you feel like you could go a few more miles you didn’t put your all in? Well, at the end of the Wine & Dine I felt like I had cashed in all … Continue reading

Wine & Dine Part II (The Race)

Well, I thought I was all set but here’s where I forgot to pack a few things. First, my costume was at my parents’ house so my mother packed it for me and forget the feather hair piece I made. Strike 1. As I was getting ready I debated just not wearing the thing at … Continue reading

Wine and Dine Part I

You know how you’re supposed to sleep well in the days leading up to a race? Yeah, well, that didn’t happen. Thursday night my sister and father headed to Orlando on a 9:00pm flight and my sister kept sending me text messages that woke me up until 1:30am. (Thursday night: 6 hours sleep) She checked … Continue reading

I Wined… I Dined…

And it was AWESOME. I shall let you know the details later, but the Wine & Dine 1/2 marathon went better than I had dared hoped. I forgot to do a lot of things this weekend, but packing my A game was not one of them. 13.23 miles in 2:20:42 and Coast to Coast medal … Continue reading