Wine Me and Dine Me…







I feel terrible–I’ve been ignoring the Wine & Dine like it was Jan Brady. It’s become the middle child of my run Disney races–Disneyland and then of course there’s the 20th Anniversary marathon (marathon, marathon, marathon). It even sounds like Marcia. So here’s a little loving for the Wine & Dine…

backstory: The Wine & Dine was actually supposed to be my first 1/2 marathon. I registered back in March and planned a whole weekend that was going to be a big celebration of my accomplishment… Until I signed up for another 1/2 marathon so I could dress like Sailor Moon, and registered for Disneyland… Well, you get the idea. Training for the marathon has kind of taken over all other training, making this race a long run in a series of long runs… Needless to say, my job also dampened the excitement that was surrounding Wine & Dine. It looked like I wouldn’t be able to take any days to go, so this would be a quick trip down and back to run, get my coast to coast medal, and hurry back to the office on Monday morning.

But the Wine & Dine has proven much more resilient than one might expect and with my getting off for Veterans’ Day, I actually squeezed in a long weekend AND a new Fantasyland preview for annual passholders on Monday. Plus, this is the perfect way to re-energize my training for the marathon!

The trip overview: I’m going with my sister, who will be running the Jingle Jungle 5k, and my dad who will, god willing, be walking around the parks. I told him to go out for long walks to get ready for the trip but he insists he wants to “save his energy.”

Hotel: Beach Club! This was a part of my original “celebration” planning, plus I would be able to walk back after the party. If you want to stay here, book really far in advance because it fills up quickly.

Plan: The expo is a no go for me, since I’m not flying down til after work on Friday, arriving in WDW sometime after midnight. My sister is charged with going to the expo to get our numbers, my goody bag filled with (if it’s anything like Disneyland) nothing, along with my party/coast to coast wristbands, $10 giftcard, and t-shirt. I suspect she may very well punch me if I say one more time, “DON’T FORGET MY WRISTBANDS!” Plus she’s also charged with getting my I did it t-shirt. There has been quite a bit of grumbling on her part, though-she doesn’t understand why the 5k people don’t get all the same things as the half. I told her I paid $100+ more than she did and she said “whatever, you go another 10 miles and you get all that fancy stuff, that’s discrimination!” She’s still unwilling to do a 1/2 and she forget to get hers and my dad’s finish line party tickets so they won’t be attending.

There won’t be an actual taper for the race. This week I bumped up the runs to Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, I plan to do some relaxing yoga on Thursday, and then my flight is on Friday. My mom was supposed to visit over the weekend and bring down my costume, but the hurricane botched those plans so now I have to rely on my father to bring it… I’m not too thrilled.

I’m really excited, though, and kind of conflicted about whether to go all out and try to beat my last time or stop for pictures along the way… The 1 I want to stop for is Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather but mostly I don’t want to waste time waiting in line when there’s creme brulee and a slow moving journey through time at the end of this!! If you’re there and in corral C, be sure to say hello!


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