You know how on every trip you take to Disney you think, “Ugh, photopass is so expensive!” Well, I thought that too until I saw the prices for Britghtroom photographs. Suddenly, Disney’s photopass service (where someone takes your picture with their fancy camera, puts it on a card, and then you buy it online) look like Walmart, bargain basement prices. No, really, I mean it. So as the Wine and Dine approaches, the question we all must ask is: to bring or not to bring the camera.

Listen, there are characters, there are photo ops, you’ve got to at least consider it because I’m going to give you the lowdown:

Brightroom will put up a sign at the expo ahead of time alerting you to where all the character stops will be (subject to change, etc.) but they put in teeny tiny print that they won’t be there. I said they won’t be there. And Photopass is nowhere to be seen.

That’s right boys and girls, photopass doesn’t participate in runDisney events so if you want your picture with characters/mile markers/frolicking through used up and discarded gu packets, you’ve got to supply your own. Characters will have handlers and if you feel up to stopping someone people are friendly about taking your picture for you, but you’ve got to supply the hardware. So here are some options:

1. Don’t take your hulking camera with the telephoto lens/anything too big/heavy to carry.

2. If you’re taking your iPhone anyway, think about bringing it with you and using that camera. Cut down on the load and save yourself some baggage.

3. Hold onto it or make sure you’ve got adequate pocket space. Holding on to something like that for 13 miles is a huuuuuuuge pain, so think carefully and act accordingly.

And last but not least, style yourself so you’ll look good in photos–at least the ones you pose for that you know you’ll be in, unlike those Brightroom photographers who just kind of ambush you….


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