The Hangover

You don’t manage to knock 18 minutes off your last 1/2 marathon without incurring the wrath of your body as it gives you a resounding “F%@k you, B^tch!” My colleague looked at me funny and I said, “Yeah, I know, I’m walking funny. I won’t be walking like a normal human being ’til February so just let it go.” So what do you in these kinds of scenarios?

You sign up for another race. Duh. (Nike Women’s 1/2 in DC!)

But aside from that, you accept your current limitations (because your body won’t let you do otherwise) and take it a little easier than normal. I did my shorter runs last week, leaving off the 7 miler, and went into my 15 mile long run feeling pretty bad with stomach pain that was completely unrelated to running. Halfway through I stopped back at home, collapsed on the floor for an hour, and finished the run when I felt better. That’s right, I stopped. And you know what? I was able to finish my run feeling good, feeling confident, and on a positive note.

The down side is that I’m still walking funny. I’ve ascertained that my hip pain occurs after I push myself too much, which I did at W&D because my 12 minute mile 15 miler didn’t leave me with any residual pain at all.

Or it could’ve been my Dirty Dancing dance along. Oh come on, like you can watch that movie and not dance along pretending your vacuum is Patrick Swayze and leaping onto your bed like it’s an epic end of dance lift.

post-marathon goal: do the Dirty Dancing Dance.

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