Have a Holly Jolly Run

Christmas is officially here, and by “officially” I mean FedEx delivered my aluminum silver tree today!

This week’s 8 mile run left me cold and cranky, internally bitching about how tired I was and how I couldn’t move… That is, until I found out there was an oddly shaped, heavy package waiting for me! My Tree!! Somehow, I was able to carry that box up the stairs to my apartment with no problem and rip it open with quite the upper body strength. I gushed over how shiny it is.

I’m somewhat lacking in the ornament department, though, and since the hook I use to hang my Disneyland medal is currently being occupied by a wreath I decided to get creative with my ornaments….

Disneyland medal


You know what’s shiny, pretty, and already comes attached to an easy to hang string? Medals from races! Ta da! My Disney medals in particular made great additions to my tree (as does the lovely poodle ornament to the left of it). In a lot of ways, it’s a nice way to commemorate what I have indeed achieved this year…

Superhero 1/2 Marathon Medal

And if you want those ear ornaments that are so expensive in Disney World/through the Disney Store, just head over to Target where for $8 you can get one of these beauties…


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