Day Off

Sometimes, running just takes over your life and eats up all your free time and you’re left thinking: Wow, I remember when I did something other than run, shower, sleep, and go to work. In fact, you start to look forward to days when you’ll have to stay so late at work that you won’t be able to get out and do your run because the thought of running 9 miles on a weeknight is just revolting to you. The marathon, which is supposed to be the scariest part of this whole process, like sweet, sweet death for a person being tortured, cannot come soon enough.

And then you realize that it’s Thursday, you have no food in your apartment, you’ll be away all weekend again and you tried to stick to your diet but that mashed sweet potato you brought for lunch could only do so much so you throw dietary caution to the wind and head to the burger place followed by the cupcake place because hey, if you’re going to run this many miles during the week you might as well eat something good. Otherwise you’re just walking funny for no reason.

The Haight Ashbury falafel burger from Burger Tap and Shake in DC. Because after a long week of exhausting running, you just have to eat and this is oh so very good.


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