Posted in December 2012

Another Dimension

Well, my resolution to not miss any more runs before the marathon lasted a whole 3 days so I suppose that’s a good indication of how much time I spend establishing and meeting New Year’s resolutions. I’m ringing in the New Year this time with only my Lipton onion soup dip, pita chips, Vicks vaporub, … Continue reading

Pearls of Wisdom on the Marathon

My mom on my impending marathon this weekend: “You have 7 hours to finish? That’s good, you can take a 1 hour break, rest, and then if you want you go back out and finish.” “The last 6 miles are all mental? That’s an understatement. The whole damn thing is mental.” “How much is it … Continue reading

Merry Christmas to Me

I am so glad Christmas is over you have no idea. Hey, I’m not a Christmas hating Grinch–you don’t win the award for most festively dressed and most “tree-like” being a scrooge, but the holidays are a lot of work. Just, a lot of work, and pile that on top of running and something gives. … Continue reading

Merry Pre-Christmas

This is it for me–I head home tomorrow for the holidays right after work today. I’ll be back at work on the 26th since no one else wants to come in, I’m taking the weekend off from running and hoping my calf heals completely and as my own little Christmas gift to myself. That’s right, … Continue reading

In the Doldrums

¬†When Milo looses stops thinking in the Phantom Tollbooth he lands himself in the doldrums. Not really going anywhere and unable to motivate himself to get anywhere and think, he languishes in this place filled with what in the film version appears to be mucus. I’m tired just watching it. Anyway, if you haven’t read … Continue reading

It’s Almost Time

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost here. A mere 22 days until Marathon Weekend arrives, the crown jewel of runDisney events and this year I will be participating. In the marathon. Now I know how Dumbo felt when those crows made fun of him. It’s funny how I’ve spent most of my life hating … Continue reading

I Did It!

The 20 miles are done! The best part was when I got back to my apartment building to discover the elevators were out of order so I had to walk up 6 flights of stairs. The language I used was so unladylike it would make even my crass grandmother look at me in total horror. … Continue reading

Enjoy It

Before I head out for my 20 miler: Ice Packs (emphasis on the plural): Check Calf sleeves: Check Bounty of holiday and Disney movies to vegetate in front of: Check. Phone number for take out that delivers: Check. Okay, I think I’m ready.

Compression Discussion – Review

So I mentioned that I got calf compression sleeves after a little upset calf action on a 12 mile run. First, let me just say Roadrunner Sports ships fast. 10 minutes after I ordered them, they were on their way to the FedEx shipping center. Love that. I ordered, as I said, Zensah compression sleeves … Continue reading