Runners’ Remorse

download 21-07-51 Life without running has not proven to be the idyllic little vacation I was thinking it would be.  Initially, I pictured elaborate dinners or at least food shopping so I ate something other than Lipton soup and peanut butter but my cold has made me unwilling to wait in line at the nearby Trader Joe’s and/or Whole Foods and so instead I just head home to my Lipton and PB. My mother sent me a box of things–the only thing that motivated me to get off the couch and open the box was the large bag of snack sized bags of Cheetos.

That’s right, Cheetos got me off my butt. So what’s a girl to do when she’s sick and not running 30 miles a week? Shop online of course! I was better off running.

After my calf threw its temper tantrum on Saturday I started looking into compression calf sleeves. I don’t like to reward petulant, poorly behaved muscles but since it did pull through and get me through the remaining 9 miles… Hours of research allowed me to draw two conclusions: 1. Runner’s World (also known as the bible of sorts) says the effect of such items is as much psychological as it is physiological. Meaning if you think it’ll help, it’ll help. 2. Jeff Galloway (a Jesus of sorts in runDisney circles) says they help. Mental head games are as good as cold hard results in my book so I opted for a pair of Zensah compression calf sleeves.

I went with the pair even though only one calf was bothering me because I figured with one I look asymmetrically stupid, but with two I at least look symmetrically stupid and like I know how many legs I have. With some coupon codes (thanks, RetailMeNot) I got them from Roadrunner Sports for $32 and my VIP membership means they’ll be here within 48 hours of my ordering them.

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