It’s the Holiday Season

And I’ve been good about not running all week so I can do my long run on Saturday and the Jingle All the Way 8k on Sunday. The race is billed as “flat and fast” but I’m telling myself not to try and break any personal records running it–I’m even leaving the Garmin at home! Oh I’m so proud of me. And although I usually match the time spent running with the time spent manufacturing a costume, the selection for this race is more store bought than homemade.

Sure, when you think about Christmas costumes you think Santa, elves, nutcrackers, frosty, the Miser brothers, and fruit cake. What about poor Rudolph, the reindeer who was abused and ostracized for being different and was then welcomed back when they found him valuable? Yeah.


I could’ve gone any one of those routes, but if there’s one consistent theme throughout all my costumes it’s that picking something easily recognizable and understandable is just not something I can do so I opted for something that screams Christmas to me just like garlic and seafood do. How do you run in a lampshade? I’ll get back to you on that.


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