The Costume

You may have noticed the distinct lack of discussion about my marathon costume. I remained uncommitted, as training has drained me of the time and energy to fashion something myself and the distance/weather has made it more difficult to predict what will be comfortable and what won’t. It’s hard to get dressed up for Disney races when I wear a Minnie mouse costume every time I go out and run: pink (or red) Minnie Sparkle Tech and black top. Also, I wanted to wear my sparkletech: it’s comfortable, functional, and exceptionally stylish. But that’s what I wear every day and this is a special occasion. It’d be like using my generic, every season melmac plates during the holiday season! Unacceptable.


The Girlfriend. Who needs a boyfriend?

As it turns out, though, Leah Powell over at Sparkle Skirts can read minds. It’s like she knew I needed a little somethin’ somethin’ for marathon weekend and posted a photo of a new skirt on facebook. I thought it wasn’t possible to love the skirt more than I did at that exact moment until I saw the caveat that came with the skirt: “Pocket can only be worn in the front unless you want to snip the tail off and wear it backwards.”

Wait, say what? “Pocket can only be worn in the front unless you want to snip the tail off and wear it backwards.” There’s a tail. You read that right, it says tail. Let it sink in-I’m still processing how much I love it and that it has a tail. A tail. Style over comfort is no longer something I have to debate and worry about one month from today: I have found them married to each other in the Girlfriend Skirt. In fact, I’ll look so cute people won’t even notice my painful looking limp as I cross the finish line!

Usually, Sparkle Skirts has a booth at the Disney Health and Fitness Expos, but given the cost of m578022_10151545107678502_1874183251_narathon weekend’s booth real estate (now I know where Disney’s making even more money) they won’t be in attendance. Personally, I’d suggest just filling the trunk of an innocuous looking sedan with sparkle skirts and I’ll walk the floor whispering “hey, you want a cute skirt for this weekend? Follow me.” But I’m sure Leah has a slightly different moral compass than I do.

She doesn’t pay me to say these things but I’d be all over being a Sparkle Skirt spokesgirl. Can be paid in skirts. Just putting it out there, Leah.


4 thoughts on “The Costume

  1. The skirt looks perfect! Personally, though not too sure about the tail getting in between my legs and all. lol. but you’ll look great!

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