I Did It!

The 20 miles are done!

The best part was when I got back to my apartment building to discover the elevators were out of order so I had to walk up 6 flights of stairs. The language I used was so unladylike it would make even my crass grandmother look at me in total horror.

Robert E. Lee's home above Arlington cemetery, around mile 12.

Robert E. Lee’s home above Arlington cemetery, around mile 12. A lot of people were at Arlington to lay Christmas wreaths and and clean up graves.

During the run, I remembered reading Jeff Galloway’s tip about having a personal mantra to get your through the miles. I kept repeating to myself, “I can go the distance, I just don’t want to” and “Watching these other people run faster is like I’m doing it.” For the last mile, I went into it feeling terrible and ready to stop until I said to myself, “if you run this last mile as opposed to leisurely strolling it, you can go to Whole Foods and buy ice cream and eat as much of it as you want.”

Guess who suddenly got her second wind? I know all the right buttons to push. And as I finished and hobbled my way back to the building with the broken elevator, I sang and danced a little to my new favorite song: “Taper Time” sung to the tune of “Hammer Time.” I haven’t gotten my ice cream yet but I did have a post run cupcake waiting for me. Butterscotch pudding cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes (they didn’t have any line last night).

Post run celebration

Post run celebration

Now, when I go to work on Monday and my co-workers ask me about my run I will lie through my teeth and say it was great and I enjoyed it. That’s the party line for all people who run: tell everyone you love it and enjoy doing it, not that the best part of a run is a done run. Now, I’m going to go read Runner’s World‘s January issue to re-convince myself that this is really such a great hobby.


3 thoughts on “I Did It!

  1. Bahaha I have the SAME Whole Foods mantras, except for me it’s CUPCAKES!! GREAT JOB!! I’ve never run further than 13.1, but I feel you on the stairs. I would probably scare small children with my vocab.

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