It’s Almost Time

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost here. A mere 22 days until Marathon Weekend arrives, the crown jewel of runDisney events and this year I will be participating. In the marathon. Now I know how Dumbo felt when those crows made fun of him.

Untitled Image

“Did you ever see an elephant fly?” No, really, that song is really up there with what made the Red Man Red from Peter Pan and Song of the South in the pantheon of “Oh God, Disney you’re killing me…”

It’s funny how I’ve spent most of my life hating my body and downright abusing it and yet look at how far it has gotten me. All the great things it’s doing for me, letting me do a marathon, something the brain never thought was going to happen. It’s one of those weird little things that if I were high on pot would absolutely amaze me: the way things work, how I’m able to run no matter the pace, and all those miles.

Dear body,

I owe you an apology because I’ve been a total bitch to you. You’re just doing what you can to get me through the day and here I am treating you like crap, telling you you’re too big, too ugly, too slow, and generally heaping resentment and abuse on you. I would just like to take a minute and say thanks for all you’ve done for me over the past 27 years.

We’ve gone through some rough patches, like when I inched ever closer to anorexia in high school or when I fell off a horse and only half of me cleared the jump. But you’ve been there all along, healing yourself and working so hard. Even when I didn’t sleep or eat, when I ate too much of all the wrong things and too little of the right stuff, you kept going like a real trooper and tried to tell me but as usual I didn’t listen to you.

I promise to put in the effort to love you a little more and hate you a little less. To give you the time off and the movement you need, and to commit to lightening your load in a way that’s healthy and not abusive. Thank you for getting me this far in marathon training without completely breaking down and revolting against me, I’m not the world’s best taskmaster.

Now, let’s go have a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter. Mmmm, protein and healthy fats!




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