Merry Christmas to Me

I am so glad Christmas is over you have no idea.

Hey, I’m not a Christmas hating Grinch–you don’t win the award for most festively dressed and most “tree-like” being a scrooge, but the holidays are a lot of work. Just, a lot of work, and pile that on top of running and something gives. And I find I get cranky if I don’t run.

That’s right, I get cranky if I don’t run. Beats the sh$t out of me but go figure.

My grandmother drove me completely insane. She was never a pleasant person but age has not improved her temperament at all. I don’t mind cooking so I’ll accept that come out of Christmas Eve smelling like garlic and fish but the requirement to listen to my family is proving exceptionally taxing for this introvert.

I am looking forward to spending a nice, quiet New Year’s Eve at home watching the Twilight Zone marathon on the SciFi channel like I do every year and maybe getting some Chinese food for dinner after a short day at work and spending New Year’s day doing a nice, easy daytime run outdoors. I’m not big on the holiday, but after all the work of Christmas it’s a nice day to relax and take it easy.

And I got my Minnie Mouse skirt for the marathon as a Christmas gift. I’m ecstatic.


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