Another Dimension

Well, my resolution to not miss any more runs before the marathon lasted a whole 3 days so I suppose that’s a good indication of how much time I spend establishing and meeting New Year’s resolutions.

I’m ringing in the New Year this time with only my Lipton onion soup dip, pita chips, Vicks vaporub, and the Twilight Zone to keep me company. That’s right, I’m sick again so I packed it in an hour early at work, stopped off at the Foggy Bottom Whole Foods where a woman insisted on ramming her shopping cart into me while waiting to check out all so I could get sour cream to make my dip, and then settled in for a Twilight Zone marathon in my Kermit the Frog pajamas.

And I can’t imagine a better way to ring in the new year. You know, the hacking cough, slight fever, and stuffy nose notwithstanding.


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