Missed the Target

Previously, I made public my love of the Sparkle Skirt Sparkle Tech but that is not the only skirt I have tried out. But with the New Years get fit resolution sales, here’s another skirt review for you. Normally, I go the cheaper is better route which is how I ended up with 95% of my workout attire coming from the Target clearance racks. Go Target! But sadly, for me personally, they missed the target on their C9 running skirt.

The important details:Brand: C9 (Champion for Target)Price paid: Around $5 (Retail was something like $18)

The short part of the skort

The short part of the skort


Not exactly flattering…

 Overall, the skirt part is made of the same material as running shorts (you know, the fabric that makes that swishing noise) and then underneath they’re made of a softer material. There’s a tiny, lilliputian sized pocket in the waist band presumably for a single key, and a drawstring around the waist that’s on the inside of the band.

Typically, you don’t have to pay full price for these at Target because they’ll cycle in new colors so as long as you’re not committed to a particular color I’d say wait it out til they’re on the clearance rack. They’ve introduced what appears to be a newer incarnation of the skirt as well, with just different fabric on the outer skirt so it’s less shorts-like but those I haven’t tried those (though this one for toddlers looks adorable!).

The pros: It’s dirt cheap.

The cons: The shorts ride up and will bunch you something fierce. The inseam on the shorts, unstretched, is 2″. TWO INCHES. I don’t even think that really clears the crotch for me. I used them for a treadmill run in my building’s hot as hell gym and within one mile I was chafing myself raw and had to go back up to my apartment to change. Also, the cut, at least on me, is not very flattering but it’s really the riding up that I couldn’t live with.

The short story on this skort is that essentially the riding up is a major design flaw for me. If you don’t have a problem with inner thighs chafing because your thighs are just oh so very slim then a) I hate you and b) this might be a workable option.

Sale Notice: If you are looking to shop C9, Target.com and the Target stores are having sales on the items, few if any are priced over $30 retail. New Years is a good time to shop around at places like Target and Old Navy (who is having a sale of their own) for workout attire. All those people who resolved to get fit gotta wear something to the gym, right? While it’s not the clearance rack rate that I would prefer, you can find some decent deals since at Target the non-trendy C9 pants very infrequently go on sale.


3 thoughts on “Missed the Target

  1. There is nothing worse than inner thigh chafing. I hate it. I always wear a pair of compression shorts under my regular shorts when I run because I can’t stand the chafe. I keep hoping that one day my thighs won’t touch when I run, but I’m not holding my breath!

    • One of my most exciting ever weight loss moments was when I did the Pilates 100 (well, okay for me it’s more like the 10) and as I lifted my head and legs up… I could see light! There was light through my thighs! I got ahead of myself and thought this meant no more chafing… I was wrong. Sooooo wrong.

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