New Year New Routine

I’ve started looking to fill up my post-marathon fitness time with running and something else. Since my equestrian pursuits are financially and geographically not particularly plausible at this time it means looking further into other options. Blame White Christmas but I’m interested in a dance class of either tap or ballet. I enjoy ballet classes because when I did basic beginner ballet at the 92nd St Y it was with mostly women in their 40s and 50s who showed up in tiaras and tutus–it was all fun, no pressure, and that one exceptionally skinny girl who thought she was in Swan Lake looked out of place. Just my kind of class!

It’s easier to find pole dancing classes than it is to find either of these in my neighborhood. Listen, I gave running a try and it turned out I loved (okay, tolerate?) it but I draw the line at pole dancing. No. F$%^ing. Way. I’m not wearing bedazzled stripper heels and swinging around a pole this year.

Instead of dance it’s choreography


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