Marathon Planning Part 3: The Meet Up

Those of you who are in the know, who love Disney and happen to run as well, know about the meet up. It’s exclusive: like 40 people invited for a pre-park-opening run around a Disney park the day before a 1/2 marathon. It’s a holy grail of sorts: you meet Jeff Galloway the patron saint of runDisney, you meet Mickey Mouse, get free stuff that actually qualifies as a legitimate goody bag… It’s a whole thing. The exclusivity only adds to its allure, or is the reason it’s actually got some good stuff to go with it and of course runDisney brings down bloggers to write about their wonderful experiences at said meet-up to show you there’s this great event that you will never be selected to go to.

This isn’t the part where I tell you I got invited because I still haven’t heard from runDisney about putting me in their ads, this is the part where I tell you how bitter I am evening that I am meet-up less yet again.

I’m a seething, writhing sea of rage on the inside, people, attempting to cope with my feelings of rejection. But you know, in the spirit of the marathon planning series now you know and there’s always next year. Or the week after if you’re running Tinkerbell or next month if you’re running the Princess…

Whatever. It’s not like NKOTBSB was running it, though I was all set to run it as a marionette.


2 thoughts on “Marathon Planning Part 3: The Meet Up

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